My journal part 10 – Strange dream

funny_strange_dreams2_57-t2 I have this strange dream last night. Dream about a woman who wear long red dress staring at me. I don’t know her, I never meet her before.

It was in my house. My old house. It looks like I have an unknown party, all of my friends are coming. My bestfriends was there, my old friends, my new friends. They congratulated me on something but i don’t know what it is. All of them wearing white dress and their hand hold on glass. Most of them are smiling, happy and dancing.

But this woman. This red dress woman, she doesn’t even look happy or smile or come near to me. She just stand there, at the corner. Strangely watching me.

Suddenly people are clomorous, i heard someone whispered on my ears. Right beside me, she said “run!” but then when i looked at it there’s no one. I see fire, it burns out everything then I watch my friends screaming, crying and running.

I look again at the corner, that woman is quietly standing there and her eyes are strongely stare at me.

Then, i woke up.
With this strange feeling. strange dream.

24 June 2013.
*i hope your life is happy,



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