Grow up – part 3

End of this year is up in front of my eyes. I still remember that last year is the saddest year for over 27 years. Was full of secrets as huge as an iron mountain. I locked on my locker secret heart and tied it up.

I found that i wasn’t so tough, crying every morning, every late night, everyday. Nightmare is just like my ordinary dreams. Felt the faults was on mine. Couldn’t take it anymore.

I thank to my husband and my friends for keeping my head above the water. They put their self backing me up. To keep telling me to put one foot in front of the others. Making me believe that little love i kept telling them shall not take me out that way!

Put their most valuable times to making me realized there’s no other way.

I knew i have to stay. I finally can see myself again. I know i am enough possible to be loved. It was not only about me.


..and I looked in the mirror and decided to stay…






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