I know It’s so late to write some of my thought. When everyone is sleeping, my lamps is turned off and i ain’t hearing any of sounds except songs in my playlist which is sounds so loud now.

I kept thinking about something that bothered me recently. It keep spinning around in my head.


Would you beg someone to stay with you if the person is no longer yours?

There are so many ways for you to beg. Start with ask directly (if you brave enough) or using a forwarder. You can make it with classic way like a letter. Actually i love this way, coz i can say as much as i want to. You have no limits. Or you can make it with modern technology like email, text message, chat or even social media (if you dare!). Whatever it is, just started quickly before you lose him/her.

You definitely need a GOOD reason on it. It should be strong enough, you cant just said it’s because you want to. You have to make it sincere, ask to your deep down heart, is it worth enough? Is it my final decision? Are you going to live with that person for the rest of your life? Because once you done it, you have to be commits.

There are no rules ‘when’ is the best time for you to beg. When everything seems so right or wrong, then that is the time. Either you beg for accepting neither for forgiveness which all means to make that person stay with you. You have to feel it and see it, then you know when the time is.

Last but not least, who?
It is kind of the tricky one. Dont make it to wrong person. Remember, once you made it, you have to commits. So who the person is, it have to be the right one.

If you still doubt with your heart, dont make someone to stay with you. Coz it will destroy everything you’ve been built as huge as your hope.

Goodluck and i hope your life is happy.

Fitri. A


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