Dear J.

Dear my friend ( J ),
I know exactly how you feel when you have two options to choose between new girl or your past. You will choose the new one, because she is better than your past. You want to spend your life with a woman who can give you a new life. Make you proud of yourself when you walk with her while everybody staring at you and feel envy. Because you have the great one, the pretty one, the most popular one.

So you will getting married then, you will feel happy. You will feel that your life is perfect because you have her. Your life is complete. But it’s just for a year..

My friend,
If you must lie for a better life, then lie about it. But, you cant lie your heart. No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you push, you just cant. It will always coming back to you.

Let me tell you what would happen in the next year. You will start thinking about ‘your past’. You’ll start to looking ‘your past’ piece by piece. You will starting to miss HER. You will getting headache because you dying to know about HER. You will get panick when you know that she is move on.

Dear J,
Dont leave your past just because you think the new girl is a better one. But, leave your past because your heart told you so. Because your heart is not belongs to her anymore.

Your heart is never lying, they dont lie to you.
Ask your heart..slowly..deeply..then you have the answer.

*i hope your life is happy.
Fitri. A


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