That little thing that you keep inside your head. And you wont let anybody see it or even walk through your mind.

Some of them has a good one but some of them has a bad one. I dont like my secret. Its kill me. Slowly. From time to time. I hate it. But still, i keep in mind so that no one can see it.

It is a huge one. It is amazing that i could stand on it so far.
You know how is it feel to have those thing on your mind? It’s like a time bomb. Sometime somehow can blow it out and you cant control it.

You know you can tell it to someone if you like to. You dont have to keep it alone.
Try this line:

“Tell me what you want to hear?”
“Im gonna give all my secret away”

That are good lines to start.

Mine? No, thanks. “Im not gonna give my secrets away”


Fitri. A


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