Being a mother

Hello again my long time no see blog. it’s not that i dont want to write anything, it’s because i really dont have anything to write until then i found something worth to tell.

So! it has been a month since i gave a birth to my second child. And trust me it is very challenging for couple of weeks. I never thought that have two kids would be this hard. Imagine that you’re so tired, you couldnt sleep well, you are struggling with breastfeeding, exhausted, stressful, desperated and everything you dont want to feel in your life.

I know it took time for me to find the pattern to take care of my children. I cant imagine how my mother could have four kids and manage them alone in the middle of nowhere, i mean my town in 1980 was a real jungle.

But that’s the point being marriage, right? Correct me if i wrong, it’s not about just the two of you or how happy you both or how wonderful your honeymoon was or maybe, maybe it’s not about how perfect your house is. It’s all about commitment and sacrifices, and lots of patient. Well,  unless you are 13th years old then you dont have to think all about it.

Life is not that simple, nobody say it was easy. You have to pray and try so hard. Respect your parent, especially your mom. No matter how choosey or old-fashioned she is, but remember there is one person who would do anything to giving you a life, to make you happy and trust me if someone make you cry, she will dragging or claws and tuft them if she could.

Thank you mom, thanks for your sacrifice, for your kindness, for everything.

Fitri. A


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