Super King Size Bed

Our first plan when we were bought a super king size bed so that we could have a nice clean and happy sleep. But then came the first baby (Mia), well we could managed it, i meant Mia was a super tiny little baby who sleep next to me. I got super king size bed remember? so, having Mia sleep with us is not really a big matter.

When she was turned 2 years old, we got a little problem. Mia doesnt want to sleep alone at her room, so she still sleep with us every night. She is bigger now and take half of our bed just for herself.

Then the main problem comes up. We have another accompany, i got my second child (Malka). Because he still a baby we decided to put him at his own baby bedding, it was really cute and comfy BUT he doesnt want to sleep in there, so he sleep next to me like Mia was. 😑

So now, our lovely super king size bed it’s not really matter. We could sleep anywhere as long as there is an extra space, we could adjust our body to get sleep (not to mention sleep soundly). Sometimes we sleep while we were standing or sitting with baby on our arms. I wish my kids could growth faster so that they could sleep on their own room and i miss my super king size bed 😭

And then i heard he said, “lets get another child, i want to have 3 childreen. It will be fun!”



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