Stay with me.

You always there for my whole life. I feel like i cant do anything without you. You know every pain i had. You know every mistakes i had.

We dont even look like each other. You have those tattoes and im wearing long veil. Matter of fact we never judge how we looks like.

You know how they says about us. We know they have every chance to talking behind us back! But we never break up, you never let me go, you both always there.

My sister, she know i’ve been messed up. But you never leave me. Yet you understand. When the dark time comes, you could always find the brightside, im amazed how you could do that.

What i learned about friends is that you dont need a thousand people around you to say whatever you want to hear.

For me, friends is when you only have two of them and one sister to not give up on you and tell me what is right and what is wrong!

For my bestfriend both you know who you are and my sister, thank you for stay with me.



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