Aren’t you scared?

These days i couldn’t stand watch any news. It’s broke my heart everytime i saw it or read it or heard it. 

Are we all chasing a rainbow? Are this country having a big standing comedy show? It feels like we’re going on circle with no ending path.

They tell us to leave just because we’re wearing big veil or niqab. They said that we looks like Arabian then tell us to go.

I can’t go anywhere. Where am i supposed to leave? I was born here! 

Don’t you think this war has gone too far. Just because i keep my faith doesn’t mean i don’t love my land. Oh wait? This land is not even belong to us, none of this earth ever belong to us. 

So what this war is all about when we’re have nothing? Aren’t we all too greedy. Claim something that is not even ours.

Who are we? Just a spec of dust in the galaxy while God is watching us. There will come the day when God ask for responsiblity of what we do, what we say, what we think. 

Should we all prepared on that or we’re still busy chasing something that has no meaning at all.

Aren’t you scared?

Even once, aren’t you scared?

Fitri. A


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