Little girl.

I know this poor little girl. She told me that she cried every night missing her mother. My heart goes down when she told me that her mother got cancer and passed away. I couldn’t imagine how this little girl can handle in such a mature way. She’s desperately still need her mother’s love, but what can she says? She lost it.

Then she told me a story about her new mother. She knew that her father love this woman so much that he never asked how she felt about it. She thought her new mother would love her at first, but she was wrong. All she get is anger, blaming, hostility and every time she trying to tell her father, he never believe it.

She told me all this story with those tears stream down her face. How she missed her mother and wish she’s still alive and would protect her. For all of those bad treatment she got, she still pray that someday and somehow she will be love. She pray that someone could ever love her the way her mother could give. She pray for her father to turn back to her and give all those time who had been stolen from her.

This little girl is so strong that i couldn’t ever imagine if it was my daughter. For whoever feels this experienced, i hope you become a strong woman. And for you ‘NEW MOTHER’ i hope you regret everything you did and may you have long life so you can realise and feels those pain for the rest of your life!


Fitri. A


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